All finishes including laminate and stone bench tops must be selected by the builder or have a complete kitchen done including all trade work by Kensington Kitchens.



The CAD Edge

  • Edge protected from chipping
  • Moisture protection
  • No edge tape to lift off
  • Stronger construction
  • Colour co-ordinated


Highly Moisture Resistant

  • Less need to worry about water spills or condensation build up
  • Fully impregnated double sided melamine board
  • Scratch resistant
  • Long lasting

Blum Hinges

  • Adjustable three ways
  • Quick release for easy cleaning
  • Hi tech insertion into door,will never fall off


Blumotion Drawers

  • High grade powder coated steel sides
  • Solid 16mm bottoms & backs
  • Self closing mechanism for saftey
  • Self stopping from over movement
  • Locking position to hold drawer open


Adjustable Legs

  • Allows for perfect levelling
  • Gives full support on the most uneven floor
  • Keeps cabinets off floor away from moisture