Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen is both an exciting and a satisfying task. At cut price kitchens online we design with the help of your ideas. The kitchen should be appealing to the eye, and also practical. Email your measurements, and photographs if possible elevations of walls would be great too. Email your kitchen layout to  An example of a kitchen layout is below.




basic-kitchen-requir1.jpg - large


Please indicate where the waste pipe and gas line run.


Below is an example of a room layout



L shape kitchen design


L shape kitchen design


open plan kitchen design


open plan kitchen design


U shaped kitchen design


U shaped kitchen design


 If you could please upload a drawing with the same concept as the one above with all details and comments of what you are after we will then supply you  with a quote.



Gallery kitchen- also known as corridor and parallel kitchen the gallery kitchen is ideally suited to rooms where there are opposed doors or windows


single wall kitchen - the one wall kitchen is ideally suited to to narrow rooms, it is the simplist solution to where space is limited


kitchen island- the kitchen island can be used in conjunction with a single wall, gallery,l shaped and u shaped kitchen. the island can double up as food preparation, cooking dinning and entertaining area.


The L-shaped kitchen can be used in a variety of ways. In large rooms there is even space for a dining table. Carousel fittings for corner units give access to storage space right into the furthest corner.


The U-shaped kitchen is reliable and practical. It is ideal for both large and small rooms and provides maximum work surface and storage.